Bienvenue à Vestiville, la porte d’entrée d’une oasis de musique urban, d’art et de merveille.
Découvrez la ville. Vivez la ville. Vestiville est une loi morale. ça donne une âme à l’univers, des ailes à l’esprit, un envol vers l’imagination, un charme pour la tristesse et la vie pour tout. C’est l’essence de l’ordre et mène à tout ce qui est bon, juste et beau, dont il est l’invisible, mais néanmoins une forme éblouissante, passionnée et éternelle.
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Vestiville/Do’s and don’ts

Do’s and don’ts


•       NO Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans
•       NO Air Horns or Noisemakers
•       NO Alcoholic Drinks
•       NO Audio Recording Devices
•       NO Balloons or Canisters or Chargers
•       NO Chains or Chain Wallets
•       NO Detachable Lens Cameras
•       NO Drones
•       NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
•       NO Food
•       NO Fireworks or Explosives
•       NO Flags
•       NO Hula Hoops
•       NO Hoverboards or Segways
•       NO Instruments
•       NO Laser Pointers
•       NO Metal, Steel or Aluminum water bottles
•       NO Misters
•       NO Outside Food or Beverage
•       NO Pepper Spray or Mace
•       NO Pets or Other Animals
•       NO Selfie Sticks, Tripods or Narcissists
•       NO Sharpies, Markers or Paint Pens
•       NO Stuffed Animals or Inflatables
•       NO Tarps
•       NO Totems
•       NO Umbrellas or Parasols
•       NO Video Cameras
•       NO Walkie Talkies
•       NO Weapons of Any Kind


•       YES Cameras (Non-Pro)
•       YES Chapstick and Lip Balm (Sealed/Unopened)
•       YES Cigarettes and Lighters (Sealed/Unopened – 1 per guest)
•       YES E-Cigs and Vape Pens
•       YES Ear Plugs
•       YES Mobile Phones and Chargers
•       YES Poncho & Rain Jackets
•       YES Service Animals
•       YES Sunblock (Non-Aerosol)
•       YES Sunglasses


NO Backpacks, purses, or bags allowed EXCEPT for the following:
YES Small Clutch bag with or without a handle or strap (14 cm x 11.5cm)
YES Fanny Packs and Hip Bags (14 cm x 11.5cm)
YES Hydration Packs Max 3L (Empty upon Entry)


•       Download the Vestiville app. Don’t miss a set and find out everything you need to know!
•       Bring your ID.
•       Hydrate and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
•       Follow our Social pages at Vestiville.
•       Make a lot of memories and Tag us @vestiville.
•       Charge your Playpass with our own Vesticoins. We are a cashless festival. But no stress, The VestiCoins can be paid for with cash, debit as well as credit card on site. Register at
•       Keep Calm and charge your phone, but fear not we have charge stations located on site.
•       Remember to use the lockers on site and store your valuables.
•       Check your bus, train or taxi service so you get home on time.


•       Drink irresponsibly ;). You don’t want to end the night being ‘that friend’ with your head in the toilet bowl!
•       Forget sunscreen! Looking like a lobster on day 2 just ain’t cute.
•       Forget to eat! Especially if you are drinking balance is key.
•       Be Rude to our staff. Not Cool bro. Not Cool.
•       Leave the festival if you want to stay. entry is only permitted once a day. Once you’re scanned in, you cannot scan back in until the next day.
•       Sell your stuff outside the festival.